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5 Tips for Kids in the Cat Lounge

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We love it when kids take an interest in animal welfare and the cats appreciate all of the snuggles they have to offer when they visit us here at Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats.

Here are some tips for kids visiting the cat lounge:

3-to-1 Rule

All children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the cat lounge.

To keep everyone safe, we require at least one adult for every three minors under 16-years-old. The adult(s) must have a paid reservation and be inside the cat lounge actively supervising the minors. The adult(s) may not supervise from the cafe. Minors 16 and up do not need parental supervision, but do need the digital waiver signed by their parent.

Prepare Ahead of Time.

A little preparation goes a long way! Here are some things you can go over before visiting:

- If your child has never met a cat before, teach them how to politely greet a cat!

- Talk about the different ways a cat uses body language to express how they are feeling.

- If you have a cat at home, reinforce that the cats here may be different. The cats here will have a different personality, level of trust, and different likes/dislikes than your friend at home.

Ask the Attendant.

Our attendants know the cats really well, and are happy to give you info about how to have great interactions with each cat. Maybe it’s a special toy, or the perfect spot they like to be scratched, we have all of the best tips!

Use Our Books and Games.

If you are looking for some extra fun for the family, check out our shelves full of cat-themed books and games. There are lots of options for all ages! We also have coloring pages available by request!

Following the Rules.

We love the extra fun energy that kids bring to the lounge! However, all guests including minors do need to follow our cat lounge rules. We typically have an array of feline personalities, including some shy cats who are more likely to hide in a stressful environment, so making sure that kids use quiet voices, are walking instead of running, etc. will help make sure you have a great time with all of the cats!

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