Meet Our Cats

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The King of the Jungle...Room.

I am a big boy with a classic

striped orange tabby coat

like Garfield.

I rule this domain with justice

and kindness and show my love

to all who visit this jungle!

I welcome all the new arrivals

with a meow and a headbutt

and show them the ropes.

I was a rescue from inner-city Cleveland.



 I’m a Tuxedo Domestic Long Hair.


I’m shy, but I am a very sweet lap cat who loves people.


I was adopted by MDCC when my owner passed away.


I get a lot of love and attention here at my new home.


If you offer me your lap, I will gladly curl up with you.  

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I am a Domestic Short Hair and

I’m always in the mood to play.


My favorite toy is the feather wand.


Some might say I’m a little rough around the edges, but I just want to be a tough big brother for my sister,



My sister and I were adopted by MDCC when we were kittens and we have grown up here with the other cats. We love visitors and getting pets and treats.



I am a Domestic Short Hair.


Alfred and I are good friends and have lived together for years.


When the café opened, I would follow Alfred around and he would help introduce me to our visitors.


These days, I am not so shy and I will introduce myself.


While your visiting,

you might see me playing with Marbles or napping with Chaiya.



I am a Domestic Short Hair.


Marbles and I are siblings and were adopted together by the café.

Marbles and I like to climb the trees and dangle off of the bridge so that visitors had to reach up to play with us.


I am quite shy, but I will introduce myself once I see that the other cats are having a fun time.


I love to play with the feather wand and catnip mice.



I am a Seal Color Point Ragdoll.

Ragdolls are well-known for becoming floppy when held.


Lounging and being regal are my favorite activities.

I love to have my luxurious coat brushed by my attendants.


If you catch me on an energetic day, you’ll see me chasing my cat friends and zooming around the catio.


I love people and it’s not unusual for me to pick someone to follow around in the café.



I am an American Curl.


My breed is characterized by our unusual ears, which curl back.


I am very sweet and love to be held and I will give you head bumps to show you how much I like you.


I can be talkative and bossy.

I might follow you around and demand to be petted.


Be careful not to pet my curly ears because they are sensitive and more vulnerable to being hurt than other cats.



I am a Siamese-Burmese.

My breed has a unique body shape, coat and eye color.


I am very sweet and I will reach up at you to say ‘Hi’.


I love to play with the feather toy and climb the trees.


My favorite part of our cat room is the fish tank. I can watch the fish swim around all day.  

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