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Schedule your play date with our friendly resident cats!

Hang around in our 'Jungle Room', an immersive play area designed to make you feel like you're in a tropical rainforest. 

Relax with a cup of coffee and spend some time with our furry friends on the outdoor patio and art installation, the 'Catio'.

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Ticket Prices

(50 Minute Session)

Adults (Ages 18-59) $10

Seniors (Ages 60+) $8
Students (Ages 12-17) $8

Children (Ages 6-11) $6

Young Child (Ages 3-5*) $3

Families of 4  $25

(+$3 Per Additional Child)

*Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Babies carried in arms enter for free.

There must be one adult present per 3 children in the cat lounge.


Complimentary self-serve coffee and tea available

as well as bottled water and soda for cat room customers in the shop. 

Weekly Wellness Events

Cat Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

Get a Cat-Themed Oracle or Tarot Card Reading during your visit!
- 1 Card Spread - 5 minutes - $FREE With Purchase of Admission
- 3 Card Spread - 10 minutes - $13.33
- 3 Card Spread - 30 minutes - $33.33
- 7 Card Spread - 45 minutes - $63.33
- 12 card Spread - 60 minutes - $88.88

Call Ahead for an Appointment


Pet Loss and Bereavement Support Groups

Free to All Who Need It

Call to Schedule 330-596-1157 Option 3

Tips for the Purrfect Visit!

Make a Reservation


We do accept walk-ins,

but only if space is available.

Our cat lounge capacity is very strict, and it is extremely rare to have walk-in space on weekends. Weekdays are typically slower and we can

usually accommodate walk-ins,

but you can always call 330-596-1157 option 3

to see how busy we are!

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Pick the Purrfect Time


Cats are crepuscular, and are most active at dawn and dusk. That means the middle of the day can be a little sleepy! If you’re looking for active playtime, we recommend coming during our first appointment or last appointment of the day. Also, weekends tend to be busier, so if you come on a weekday there are usually less people with whom to share the cats!

Show Up 10-15 Minutes Early


This will ensure that you have ample time to park, learn the rules of the cat lounge,

select your drinks and snacks,

and enjoy every minute of your cat time!

Parking is available in our  lot.

We Are Wheelchair Accessible.

We do not have a wheelchair

accessible restroom.

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Follow the 3-to-1 Rule


To keep everyone safe, we require at least one adult for every three minors under 16-years-old. The adult must have a paid reservation and be inside the cat lounge actively supervising the minors. The adult may not supervise from the cafe. Minors 16 and up do not need parental supervision, but do need the digital waiver signed by their parent.

Ask the Attendant


Our attendants know the cats really well and are happy to give you information about how to have great interactions with each cat.

Maybe it’s a special toy, or the perfect spot they like to be scratched, we have all of the best tips!

New to the cat world?

Ask us how to politely greet a cat or

for guidance on cat body language.

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Support our Mission

Help us continue caring for the cats

and our community!

Find Out How Here

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